Virtual Services

I offer virtual life coaching sessions via the Zoom program.  This free software service offers video conference calls within a variety of different options.  It allows me to video conference with more than one person at a time, which works great for relational or work place life coaching sessions.  It allows for video on or off options for those who don’t enjoy seeing themselves on the screen, and it provides my clients with the opportunity to record our coaching session for future reference and guidance.

Zoom is a trusted video conference software for large corporations such as WordPress.  It is also the software program I will be using for webinars and virtual workshop presentations.  In order to participate in a virtual life coaching session with me, you will need to download the Zoom program on your own trusted and personal device.  I will provide you with all of the specific details before our coaching sessions begin.

The fees for the virtual services are as follows…

New Client 50 minute virtual session = $55.00

Established Client 50 minute virtual session = $45.00

Established Client 30 minute virtual session = $30.00 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at (386)507-9300 or send me an email at 

I am accepting New Clients.  I currently offer a free 15-minute in-office or phone consultation for new potential clients.  This consultation usually requires a scheduled appointment time.