Social-Emotional Excellence Certification


Building social and emotional skill sets is the primary focus of the work I do with children and teens. I deeply believe in the value that positive social and emotional skill sets bring to a developing child and teen. As such, I offer a Social-Emotional Excellence Certification program to schools and childcare providers.

Within this program, I offer two levels to this service. The first is for me to come into the school setting on a routine and scheduled basis to build social-emotional skill sets within the classroom and school environment. I work hand-in-hand with the teachers and administrators to make sure that the services they offer supply the best and most effective setting for their students to thrive.

As a second part of this service (this portion is optional), I will evaluate and observe the classroom and school environments for performance of social and emotional excellence for the children within their care. If standards of excellence are met within my sometimes scheduled, sometimes drop-in evaluation times, the school will receive certification as a socially-emotionally excellent facility.

This service offers a unique opportunity for schools and child care centers to learn new and socially-emotionally effective techniques for working with the children within their care. It also offers centers an opportunity to show just how great their excellent performance in the social and emotional services they provide to the children and their community truly are.

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