On-Site Participatory Observation Service

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Young children learn best when they are taught within their natural, social and peer environment. For this reason, I designed a unique service option within my practice that takes me to the child’s school location. The On-Site Participatory Observation service takes me into the classroom setting where I can work hand-in-hand with the child to teach positive, healthy, and life-lasting social and emotional skills. Some of the life skill sets that I commonly work on with children of this age include things like properly sharing, using their words to express their needs and feelings, listening, building positive communication skills with their peers and teachers, as well as reducing aggressive or acting out behavior while working to replace their more challenging behaviors with positive and appropriate ones.

This technique is highly effective and incredibly beneficial to a young, developing child. It is during these very formative, preschool years that children are just beginning to learn social and emotional skill sets. Part of the learning process includes building neural pathways in the brain that lay the foundation to future learning in these social and emotional areas. Due to the significance of this developing stage of social and emotional skills, it becomes very important to do all that we can as parents, caregivers, teachers, and professionals to build the healthiest and most positive neural pathways possible during this budding development.

If you have any questions about this service, wish to learn more, or want to discuss setting up this service option for a young child in your life…please, give me a call. You can reach me at (386)507-9300, or send me an email to epcoachingservices@gmail.com.

The service fee includes work within the Deland area, and some close outlying locations…such as parts of Orange City, Deleon Springs, etc. Additional fees may apply to other area locations, or may not be available. Permission for me to work within the classroom setting has to be granted by the school in order for me to be able to provide this service. This service fee also includes updates after each visit, some parent discussion time (either in-office or by phone), and additional notes or resource material (offered both to the parents and the teacher/school).

Service Fee$75.00 per hour

Fee includes intake information, travel time, participatory on-site observation, plus a thorough analysis of visit and observations.