Meet Life Coach Jessica


Hi, I’m Life Coach Jessica.  I am the owner and founder of Endless Possibilities Life Coaching Services.  I am a highly qualified Certified Life Coach with a passion for helping people, children and families become happier and healthier within their everyday life!  I hold a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology, with a focus on Children and Families. I also held a Florida Childcare Center and Education Program Director’s Credential with the Department of Children and Families for 5 years while working as a teacher within the preschool and elementary setting.  Prior to becoming an early childhood educator, I worked as a social-emotional skill building staff member in the preschool setting.

It has been my experience that many good, hard working people are struggling within today’s society.  The norms and standards we culturally live by are shifting at an ever-changing pace.  This leaves many people feeling uncertain and dis-empowered.  It is my goal and passion to teach people the necessary, positive skill sets we all need to thrive in this quickly changing world.  In doing so, my clients end up following the path that is best suited for their own individual and family needs.

After all, we are not a cookie cutter species.  Life does not come with a one cure fixes all remedy.  As your Certified Life Coach, I will take the time to understand your individual or family needs, situation, and desired goals.  I will do my best to work within your belief system so we can come up with goals and strategies that will fit you.  I will strive to teach you practical life skill sets to support the life-lasting, positive change you seek.

I am eager and ready to get to work, and I sincerely hope that you are too.  After all, you are the only constant in your life.  Taking the time to care for and empower yourself is a time worthy activity.  Learning to trust your own voice amid this noisy world is an invaluable asset.  Remember, no one is given all the skill sets required for every given situation at every possible moment that it is needed.  If you have found yourself upon a stumbling block and need a little support and guidance to navigate your way around; or you are finally ready to go forward in the direction of your long standing dreams, please contact me at Endless Possibilities Life Coaching Services.  You can do so by calling or texting (386)507-9300, or sending me an email at  I am now accepting New Clients, and currently offer a FREE 15-minute consultation.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Hot News…I am also super excited to announce that my business was featured in the local newspaper! The article is below. It does a great job explaining my work, my passion, and me.