Life Coaching Packages

We offer a variety of Life Coaching Packages for those who are interested in addressing a specific need with a focused action plan.

Everyday Essentials – With this package you will gain an understanding of topics such as identifying Core Values, learning practical and beneficial Stress Management tools and techniques, the skill set of Boundaries, and identifying and overcoming Triggers.

Laying The Foundation – This skill set bundle includes the Everyday Essentials package as well as sessions focused on the Power and Pitfalls within our Mental Thinking, Ways to Increase Self Worth so you can feel confident and build success, as well as tools and science to help you Manage Your Emotions.

Life After This Moment – Whether you are someone who is ready to get MORE out of life and improve upon already well-managed situations; or perhaps you are someone who has lost their way and is looking to reconnect to hope and purpose, this package is designed to help you find the life you are looking for after this moment.

8 Step Process to Combat Overthinking – Life Coach Jessica has developed an 8 Step program to help clients combat and overcome the habit of overthinking. She provides these steps and support in this action coaching package.

9 Steps to Manage Anxious Feelings – This 9 Step Program, developed by Life Coach Jessica, has brought many clients success with managing anxious feelings. In this action coaching package, Jessica will work with you to reduce anxiety and build tools for a life path without anxious feelings.

Life Coach Jessica also offers packages directly geared towards teens and upper Elementary children. The skill sets taught during these sessions help create a strong foundation for things many teens and upper Elementary children are facing today.

Armor Up – These sessions focus on building confidence, blocking out negative noise, and providing the tools necessary for kids to navigate their everyday lives.

Teen Essentials Skill Sets – In these sessions, Life Coach Jessica will cover topics such as Core Values, Peer Pressure, Relationships, Self-Image, and Personal Responsibility. All essential tools for helping to support a healthy and well-adjusted individual.

Deluxe Teen Essentials Skill Sets – This package includes everything in the Teen Essentials Skill Sets as well as Change, Life Perspectives, Boundaries and Triggers. This package is especially helpful for children who have experienced loss, trauma, or any type of major negative life change.

For questions or to book for YOUR Action Life Coaching Package, call us today! Reach Life Coach Jessica directly at (386)507-9300.