Interactive Child Coaching

Within my practice, one of my specialty areas involves the social-emotional skill building and support of children, ages 2 ½ to 16 years old. What this means, is that I help children learn how to understand their feelings, and the feelings of others within their everyday social situations and settings.  At Endless Possibilities Life Coaching Services, this Interactive Child Coaching approach teaches real life skill building lessons to children and their parents. These lessons help children learn healthy and appropriate life skill sets, which will positively impact them throughout their entire life.  Parents learn about various ways to encourage and support their children toward healthy, happy, positive, life-affirming modes of behavior and patterns of thinking.

The Interactive Child Coaching is a two-part approach. The first layer takes place at the parental/legal guardianship level.  It is here that I, Life Coach Jessica, will talk, work, and team up with parents to address concerns, desires, and issues involving their child.  Studies show that parental figures are key players and vital role models within a child’s life.  These studies have repeatedly found that parents and legal care givers shape and greatly influence the wholeness and well-being of the children within their care.  Given the tremendous role parents play within a child’s life, I make it a necessary part of my Interactive Child Coaching approach to communicate openly and work closely with parents of the children within my practice.  My ultimate goal is to offer support, education, and helpful resources to the parents of these very precious little beings.

The second layer of the Interactive Child Coaching approach at Endless Possibilities Life Coaching Services is to work with children through games, arts, and activities. After all, interactive learning is how children learn best.  At Endless Possibilities Life Coaching Services, I aim to build healthy life skill sets through fun and uplifting activities.  My goal is to teach children positive ways of looking at and thinking about their emotions and the world around them.  I also strive to teach my young clients the necessary life skills they will need as they venture out into their own personal social situations.

The Interactive Child Coaching sessions are only 30 minutes long for children 11 years old and younger.  I have a 45 minute interactive coaching session available for children 12 years and up.  I do offer 5o and 30-minute session options for parents and legal guardians.  The Interactive Child Coaching sessions are only available as in-office appointments.  Once established, the parental or legal guardian appointments may be done via phone, virtual, or in-office appointments.

In an effort to be as effective and therapeutic as possible, I require an initial New Client appointment with just the parent(s) or legal guardian of the child before I meet with the child. The first appointment with the child will take place on a separate day, and only after the initial appointment with the parents or legal guardian has taken place. 

I do offer a FREE 15-minute phone or in-office consultation to parents and legal guardians.  The fees for the Interactive Child Coaching services are as follows…

New Client 50-minute session for the parents/legal guardian – $55.00  

Established parent/legal guardian…

30-minute session – $30.00

50-minute session – $45.00

Interactive Child Coaching Session…

30-minute – $25.00

45 – minute – $35.00

Please note – Although 2 ½ is my youngest noted age range, children of any age need to be developmentally ready to participate in the Interactive Child Coaching session.  The Interactive Child Coaching services are for educational and support purposes only.  The Interactive Child Coaching is NOT a counseling service.  If you feel you need something that is a little more counseling driven for your child, I will do my best to work to find other options for you within the community.

If you have any questions or wish to schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation, please call (386)507-9300 or send me an email at