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Wellness Kit


The Wellness Kit offers an all around supportive approach to monitoring and improving your overall wellness. Within this comprehensive kit, you can stay focused on the 4 main areas of wellness…Nutritional, Mental, Physical, and Emotional/Spiritual. Included within this Wellness Kit are the following Items:

  1. A Wellness Plan, which includes the above 4 main areas of wellness. This plan offers you the opportunity to tailor your wellness plan to your specific needs, while maintaining a focus on all main aspects of overall wellness.
  2. A ‘Make It Happen’ support and motivator. This is a great tool to support the motivation we all need to meet our goals.
  3. A Monthly Calendar to track progress and mark your daily wellness habits. This tool provides valuable insight into ways you support or challenge your personal wellness.
  4. A dry erase marker, as all tools come laminated for long term, continual use.
  5. Stress Ball
  6. Instructions as well as access to a Wellness Kit Use and Approach video from Wellness Kit creator, Certified Life Coach Jessica.

Communication Kit


The Communication Kit is a great and effective tool for communication between couples, parents to children, and between siblings. Certified Life Coach Jessica created this tool because sometimes it is a lot harder to speak our thoughts and feelings. The Communication Kit offers an effective alternative. With this tool, necessary communication can still occur. This is so important because communication is the key to supporting happy and healthy relationship connections.

The Communication Kit is also a great way to enhance intrigue, pleasure, and mystery between couples. It can also be used from a parent to a child to offer extra support and encouragement. Included are the following items:

  1. Communication Bubbles (set of 4)
  2. Dry Erase Markers
  3. Instructions as well as access to a Communication Bubble Use and Approach video from Communication Bubble creator, Life Coach Jessica.

My Feelings Workbook


This is a great tool for helping younger children understand and express their feelings. Not only does it allow your child an outlet to communicate how they are feeling, but over time, it also allows your child to understand and process their emotions. The ‘My Feelings’ workbook is a fantastic tool for building social-emotional wellness in young and elementary age children. For further support, consider pairing this purchase with a scented bubble sensory tool. This kit includes:

  1. A ‘My Feelings’ Journal
  2. A colored gel pen
  3. Instructions as well as access to the ‘My Feelings’ workbook Use and Approach video from Certified Life Coach Jessica.

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