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Email Life Coaching Services

Email life coaching is an up and coming practice of service that meets the style and needs of our technological age.  Written communication offers the chance to become clear about what you are trying to say.  In this way, writing can be quite therapeutic.  

At Endless Possibilities Life Coaching Services, I believe in the benefits and convenience of this very process.  This is a unique life coaching service.  It allows you access to the support and guidance of a Certified Life Coach with the added convenience of a completely flexible schedule for you. 

You may be wondering how this actually works.  It all starts with an email from you to my office at, or a phone call to (386)507-9300.  New clients will receive a welcome packet, which will come as attachments.  This welcome packet will include all of the necessary paperwork for me to get to know you better and for you to understand the office policies and procedures.  Once all necessary forms have been signed and returned, and payment for the session has been approved, the email life coaching process can begin.

What are the fees, and what do these services include?

Extensive Email Coaching Session: This service includes a review of all the information you provide along with a detailed response to your questions.  I ask that you provide up to 5 typed pages of background and story information to the questions or concerns you have.  With this service, you have the opportunity to ask up to 3 questions relating to the background and story information you provide.  If you feel that you need to add additional background and story information, or you have more questions that you would like to ask, there is an ‘add on’ fee option for this session. This service requires an estimated 90 minutes of my professional time. 

New Client fee for this service is $75.00.

Established Client fee for this service is $65.00

Compact Email Coaching Session: This service includes a review of all the information you provide along with a detailed response to your questions.  I ask that you provide up to 3 typed pages of background and story information to the questions or concerns you have.  With this service, you have the opportunity to ask up to 2 questions relating to your background and story information.  The ‘add on’ service option is also available with this coaching session.  This service requires an estimated 60 minutes of my professional time.

New Client fee for this service is $60.00 

Established Client fee for this service is $50.00

‘Add On’ Service Options…

$5.00 for each additional background and story informational page

$14.00 for each additional question related to the provided background and story information

Please note, these ‘add on’ service options are only available for the Extensive and Compact Email Coaching Sessions.

Email-Direct Coaching Session: This service offers the convenience and benefits of email with the added support of direct communication with me, your life coach.  With this service option, you are able to provide up to 5 typed pages of background and story information on the topic you would like to discuss during our scheduled 30 minute direct-connect session time.  You can include the questions or guidance you are seeking for the related topic within those typed pages.  At our scheduled session time, we will connect through phone, virtual service, or in-office appointment to directly discuss the topics you provided for my review.  My average review time for the informational pages you provide is about 30 minutes.  The added benefits to this service are that you become clear about what you want to accomplish from our scheduled session time, and I am able to prepare helpful life skills that will best suit your needs ahead of our scheduled direct-connect session time.  

New Client fee for this service is $65.00

Established Client fee for this service is $55.00 

Target Session: This service is for established clients only and allows for the cheapest email based option I have available.  With this session, the fee includes up to 2 typed pages of background and story information to the question you will be asking, and 1 question related to that background and story information.  I will review your submitted information and provide a detailed response to your question via email by our scheduled time.  The fee for this service is $35.00.

As your life coach, I may send you helpful resources, worksheets, and other activities with these services.

Frequently Asked Questions…

What is meant by typed pages of background and story information?

 Within these pages, you will want to provide all of the important details and aspects of the situation that you need help and guidance with.  Let me know your feelings, the behaviors of others involved, and words, discussions, or actions that relate to what you want to ask about.  This is where you lay the groundwork for what you and I are teaming up to work on to bring improvement to your life.  Write just as you would speak in a face-to-face life coaching session.

What is the greatest benefit to writing out my thoughts and feelings?

This activity gives you the chance to go back and reread your own words.  Writing helps bring about clarity, and it often lends positive support to the processing of your own thoughts and feelings about the situation. 

Where do I write out these pages and questions?

You can write them in a word document and send them as an attachment, or write them within the email itself.  I recommend using the word format, in case you get interrupted and need to come back to it at a later time.

What do I do once I write all of these pages and questions?

 Once all of your pages are typed, simply email them to me at  This is a private email that goes directly to me, so the same standards of confidentiality will apply to this service style.  Please remember to write your name in the subject area of the email.

What happens once I email these pages and questions to you, my life coach?

 You will receive a confirmation email that your information has been received, along with a follow-up phone call or email to schedule your session slot, if it has not already been scheduled. 

I am accepting New Clients.  I currently offer a free 15-minute in-office or phone consultation for new potential clients.  This consultation usually requires a scheduled appointment time.