Business Coaching Services

As a private business owner and an expert on the human condition, Life Coach Jessica offers a wide range of expertise in the areas of business development. As a Coach, Jessica’s expertise lies on business development in the space of its foundation. By focusing on the foundation of the business, we can identify what works, what opportunities are of value to your company and which ones are not, as we work together to direct a course toward your desired success. Life Coach Jessica’s job is to help clients align their vision with a process toward that end goal. Jessica specializes in helping entrepreneurs, and small to medium size businesses create a foundation that will last!

It would be Jessica’s pleasure to bring these expertise to you and your company. At Endless Possibilities, it is our goal to help our clients actualize their dreams. We offer a built in strategy that encompasses our client’s current platform, their overall business dream, and the people they have in place to make it happen. Through a thorough understanding of each one of our client’s personal vision, we help them build a reliable and effective plan of action to achieve their goals and live the successes of all their hard work. A brief listing of our services offered are below. For any questions and to book your Business Coaching Package, please contact Life Coach Jessica at (386)507-9300. We look forward to the opportunity to speak with you.

Business Coaching Support Packages

Tier 1 Business Coaching Package!

This service provides identification of your company’s core values, future goals, limited obstacles with a review of avenues for solutions within a 90 day strategy to address them. This package involves a 60 minute Pre-Game Consultation meeting, a separate 60 minute business coaching meeting, and a final 60 minute Tier 1 Solution review. For questions, contact Life Coach Jessica directly at (386)507-9300.

Tier 2 Business Coaching Package!

This service provides ALL that is within the Tier 1 business coaching package, as well as an assessment on your business’s driving force and focus, establishment of your company’s long-term goals with 4 time marks for success achievements. This package provides an additional 60 minutes to the business coaching meeting. For questions, contact Life Coach Jessica directly at (386)507-9300.

Tier 3 Business Coaching Package!

This service provides ALL that is within the Tier 1 and 2 business coaching packages, as well as a deeper look into obstacles and their solutions, your key employees and their roles, and a plan for the necessary data components for business success! This package includes an additional 30 minutes to the Pre-Game Consultation meeting, a total of two separate 2 hour business coaching meetings, and the final 60 minute Tier 3 Success Dunk review. For questions, contact Life Coach Jessica directly at (386)507-9300. You will be contacted within 24 business day hours from the time of purchase to get your sessions scheduled!

Additional Business Coaching Support

We understand as your business grows, re-evaluation or refocusing may be needed. At Endless Possibilities we want to continue to help your business remain a success! Additional services can be added to keep your business on track and moving in your desired direction.

  • Individual 90 day strategies can be added to ensure you meet your quarterly goals.
  • Additional 60 minute consultations can be added for
  • EP Corporate Training

To learn more about our Corporate Training Opportunities, please click on that tab in the header above or contact Life Coach Jessica directly.

Contact us at (386)507-9300 for more details, or send an email to

What Clients say about Business Coaching with Life Coach Jessica!

Coach Jessica is skilled at creating business plans that align to your company’s values! I liked that she kept an eye on the goals while building a strategy for how to get it done! She takes the time to listen, and provides a built in approach that any company can benefit from. -Luke Flynn/President Central Florida Building

“She is dedicated and committed to her clients success!” -Eva Martinez Cornerstone National Title Company