Business Consulting and Creative Marketing Solutions

Helping Your Business Find Its Way!

As a private business owner and an expert on the human condition, I offer a wide range of expertise in the areas of business development, human resources, and marketing analysis and development. It would be my pleasure to bring these areas of expertise to you and your company. At Endless Possibilities, it is our goal to help our clients actualize their dreams. We offer a built in strategy that encompasses our client’s current platform, their overall business dream, and the people they have in place to make it happen. Through a thorough understanding of each one of our client’s personal vision, we help them build a reliable and effective plan of action to achieve their goals and live the successes of all their hard work. A brief listing of our services offered are below. For any questions, please call me at (386)507-9300. I look forward to the opportunity to speak with you.

Business Consultation Hourly Rate $150

We also offer Tier Level Services that are tailored to meet our client’s unique needs.

Tier 1: This service offers identification of the core foundation, future goals, limited obstacles and a 90 day strategy. $250

Tier 2: This service includes all of Tier 1 services, as well as a one year plan to achieve our client’s goals. $475

Tier 3: This service includes Key Employee Roles and a 3-year business plan, in addition to Tiers 1 & 2. $750

Tier 4: We offer an all encompassing package of Tiers 1 – 3, as well as access to an EP University training course with materials – for up to 10 people – for $1000

We understand as your business grows, re-evaluation or refocusing may be needed. At Endless Possibilities we want to continue to help your business find its way. Additional services can be added to keep your business on track and moving in the desired direction.

  • Individual 90 day strategies can be added to ensure you meet your quarterly goals. $75
  • Additional 60 minute consultations can be added for $90

Marketing – Within the area of Marketing, I offer a couple of unique services. The first is a psychological overview of your target audience, brand, website, and messaging. I also work closely with you to create a plan and strategy that executes a consistent message to your targeted audience as it highlights the areas of your business you wish to showcase. As a private business owner myself, I know the value of having an outside set of eyes on the area of marketing. Unlike many of the other marketing services you find, I offer affordable rates as we work together to take a comprehensive, full picture approach to your overall marketing goals and needs.

Marketing Consultation: This service is a 30 minute consultation to discuss your marketing needs. $50

Marketing Analysis Tier 1: This service provides an analysis of your current marketing platform. This includes the consultation, our analysis and a meeting to discuss the findings of your current marketing strategy. $400

Marketing Analysis Tier 2: This service includes an In-Depth look into your marketing analysis and provides solutions to help improve your marketing strategy. $600

Digital Ad Creation: Digital image creations for various ad use. Prices range from $30 – $250

Human Resource Support and DevelopmentWithin the areas of Human Resources and Development, I bring my knowledge of psychology, relationships, and healthy living to you and your company in order to offer a well-rounded approach to topics such as employee morale, company growth, employee advancement, job analysis and design, employee performance and management, trainings, recruitment, hiring, employee benefits and compensation, and HR policy development. My consultation service is perfect for those companies that are either looking to support their current HR department or ones that are not ready to establish an in-house HR department of their own but need some of the supports and foundation such a department would offer.