Sacred Space

What’s your favorite time of day?

Personally, my absolute favorite time of day is the morning, specifically a couple of hours before I have to enter the hustle and bustle of life. It is where my ritualistic routine of connecting to myself, my ideas, my work, my purpose, and the intention of my day takes place. It starts with just me, my morning cup of coffee, and hopefully the sounds of the waking day (unless I beat Mother Nature to the sunrise). Then, it builds into the mindset, mood, and direction I wish to direct myself within that day. I etched this sacred space out years ago and have cherished that commitment and investment into my present and future self ever sense. I don’t think I would have been able to accomplish as much without this time and space to just be, then shape – shift – or direct that reality into what I intend it to be. Allowing for this space of sacred union between what I currently am and what I hope to be has provided me the ability to stand firm and grace-filled through all of life’s storms. It has also allowed me to overcome the various challenges within my life.

As a Coach, I think everyone should find a sacred space. A routine time of the day to step away and step within. In both life and business (two areas of coaching I focus on), the pace is fast and noisy. It is all too easy to fall off our intended or delighted path. It is equally far too difficult to stay on that narrow road when we are not careful and intentional about making our focus on it a priority. Consider making your favorite time of day a sacred space. This means it is something of value, intention, and a non-negotiable priority. It can do wonders for your resilience and success.

What are your thoughts?