Goals…the plan that shapes our dreams!

How do you plan your goals?

Goals are such an important and exciting part of our human experience. They are the things that unite action and passion. As a Coach, I love to teach about goals and the ways we can become more successful at achieving them.

When planning a goal, I think there are 3 key points to consider.

1. Get as clear as possible on exactly WHAT you are trying to achieve.

2. Make sure WHAT you are trying to make happen aligns with WHY you want it. When our why is out of alignment with what we are trying to gain, we will encounter more obstacles and experience less fulfillment or satisfaction if we achieve the goal.

3. With an eye on the ultimate goal, plan only the beginning or next few steps at a time. If we try to plan too far out, we are more likely to lose focus and get distracted from the necessary steps to complete our goals.

What are your thoughts?