A Deeper Look!

How would you describe yourself to someone?

If you look at any of my bio’s, you will (hopefully) see the essence of who I am and what I offer in the way of solutions to my clients as a Coach. However, the heart and reason behind why I do what I do and why I coach the way I do runs so much deeper.

As a child, I knew I wanted to do something positive to make an important impact on this world. I deeply desired to open up space for love, and make sure those who had felt the hand of hatred and violence against their freewill of choice know there was a safe and loving way to handle the challenges and difficulties they had faced. This may have largely been due to the unfortunate reality of knowing so many emotional hurts and violations myself. Through my own history of dealing with abuse and abandonment, I couldn’t understand how people, both young and old, family or stranger, could hurt someone else…especially when they claimed to love them. How could a child, like me, who has done no wrong or been unkind to anyone, suffer abuse, hatred, and disregard for their basic human right to exist with emotional safety and well-being. Although I was not equipped to understand the tools needed to achieve this during my childhood, I did begin that quest for understanding, knowledge, and answers.

Once I became of college age, I studied psychology, with a focus on child development and family dynamics. I had intended to go onto my doctorate. However, a time had come for me to start my own family. So, I took a break to stay home and raise my daughter through her formative years. I choose to work as a teacher so I could be available to her schedule and needs. When time came for me to consider the workforce for me, I had become disconnected to the typical practice of counseling psychology. Although I stay rooted in the human development side of understanding, I had come to realize that it was the practical and applicable life steps I had taken that had given me the space and ability to heal those childhood wounds.

Before opening my practice, I studied for four years. I dived into the science of love and physics of energy. I leaned heavily into the science of our own biology and the absolute truths of our universe to learn how to begin to capitalize on our own humanness and move what we have available (freewill of choice and action) to change our life! Much of this application required a healing of mislearnings about personal worth, trust, and boundaries. I applied my understanding from the science and psychology I had learned and created my own system and approach to recovering these missing pieces to my overall emotional health and wellness. The success this approach brought me was remarkable. Although it was not an easy process, it was so incredibly worth it. This venture brought me back to a place of stability and health that I had not known since the violations of my childhood.

After having a miscarriage, about 10 years after having my first child, I no longer had a tolerance to wait on making that impact. With this difficult life experience, I was gifted a drive to get to work. My choice became to share all that I had learned that made me whole, healthy, successful, happy, and stable within this ever changing world. As a Coach, I am constantly striving for a clearer and deeper understanding into our human condition. I consistently take classes through institutions such as Yale and John Hopkins University to stay up to date on the latest concepts and understanding about our biology, psychology, and mental thinking. I am a Coach who knows the emotional pain and challenges of life. I am a person who has developed a pathway (at least for myself) out of those difficult life experiences and existence. I have been blessed to offer my knowledge and understanding to the incredible clients I have the honor of partnering with.

Although we may never be able to wipe pain, hatred, and negative distortions from this world. I am a person who shows up every day, in some way or another, to do my part to dim negativities influence. Sometimes, I show up as an expert in my industry. Other times, I am able to be an example of positivity.

What are your thoughts?