10 Certainties from Life Coach Jessica!

List 10 things you know to be absolutely certain.

Many clients struggle with a feeling that life is unpredictable, and they feel anxious and insecure within this world. As a Coach, my job is to find the securities within life and within every client’s situation. For a generalized list of at least 10 certainties that show up with consistency in life, I would offer this… 1. Our most reliable control in life is that of our own self. This includes the management of our thoughts and emotions. 2. Our most powerful resource is our own Freewill. 3. Mastery over our Human Condition makes us more resilient in life. 4. Personal Development is a part of all sustainable successes. 5. Love and Kindness are always in our control to give. 6. There are an endless amount of possibilities available to us. It is our choices and actions that limit them the most. 7. People need people. It is a fundamental and developmental need, to feel a sense of love and belonging. 8. We are not equipped to know everything about everything, consult an expert to strengthen the areas of knowledge and expertise we don’t have. 9. The fastest way to get lost in this life is to either be unaware or make the choice to step away from our core values, this is true in life and business. 10. Time is a resource you can never recuperate. Make sure to protect it and DON’T waste it.

What are your thoughts?