Life Tips w/ the Coach

Capitalize with Moderation!

Are you seeking security or adventure?

Life often feels like a balancing act. We try to balance between work and play, health and risk, growth and stability, security and adventure. Much of our stress comes from this delicate activity. As an Action Coach, I advise clients to shift perspectives on this from balancing to creating moderation in these necessary life areas. The idea of balance is often a link to creating our stress. We have this image of everything being equally divided, which rarely (if ever) happens. When it inevitably does not, we get overwhelmed or frustrated by the life scales tipping in one direction or the other. We then go into an overcompensation mode, which tips the scales once again, but now in the other direction. In the end, we create an idea that balance is elusive and seemingly unattainable, furthering our response of stress and frustration to life’snatural fluctuations. When we start to look at these varying dualities through the eyes of moderation, we can start balancing our habits and actions to reduce the variance between the extremes. Creating a flow of balance where we can have room for both…security AND adventure, health AND risk, time to enjoy work AND play. So, to sum up this original question, we do not have to choose between one or the other. With habits and actions of moderation, we can capitalize on the opportunity and abundance of both! Have fun with it, and enjoy the process! – Life Coach Jessica

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