Staying Okay!

I’m not sure I have ever witnessed a time in my life where every single person has been personally impacted by the same societal and global events. I feel this statement is true no matter the person’s race, gender, nationality, or age. It seems clear that we are living in unprecedented times as we consistently seem to be witnesses and participants to an onslaught of historic events. As a Life Coach, my concern jumps to ways and methods to stay ‘okay’ through all of these challenging times and rapidly changing situations. Below are a couple of points that I’d like to make in reference to this.

First, most of what is happening within our world and society are out of our immediate control to fix. Now, this does not mean that we do not and can not have a role to play in the outcome of these events. We most certainly do! However, having full authority and control of the outcome is just not in any of our personal wheelhouses. Unfortunately, this can be incredibly challenging for us as human beings. Often times situations of such extreme intensity where we have such little control can create fear, anxiety, sadness, anger, angst, and a whole slew of really destructive reactive behavior. This is a part of what we are currently witnessing. Yet, what are we to do with all of this?

1. We have to be mindful and present about how we are personally responding to the events that are happening within and around us.

Important things you can ask yourself include…

Are we being a part of the solution or the problem?

Are we making choices that protect our personal health and wellness?

Are we remaining considerate about and to the overall health and wellness of others?

If the answers to these questions highlight challenges or problems, then it may be helpful to get some insight or support from a professional to make sure you are being proactive and doing all that you can to navigate and manage these challenging feelings within these challenging situations.

2. Although we can find ourselves in life positions where we have less control than we would like, we don’t have to hand over all the reigns and become powerless within our own world and personal life. We do have an important role AND responsibility to show up, be present, and do our part within our personal life, our society, and to the overall good of humanity.

Life is about diversity, which offers an incredible blend of strengths and weaknesses. We all have aspects and qualities within ourselves that allow us to shine kindness and light amid life situations. Some of us carry more outward expressions of peace, goodness, and grace; just as others of us have a more internal pulse of peace, love, and grace that we offer to life situations. These gifts within our human condition is always within our control, no matter how chaotic or hectic the life event or social situation is. Part of being ‘okay’ as a feeling, living human being within a broken, tired, and pain-filled society is to be mindful about current happenings, present within the moments of our life, and willing to offer our unique talents of love and grace to the world we share. As we take these steps, we can find a foothold where we can be ‘okay’ within a tired, broken, and pain-filled society.

Please note, being ‘okay’ does not mean we accept the brokenness as okay. It just means we are doing what our human condition requires for us to be able to carry on, continue forward, and move through the motions of our world and society that lie so far out of our personal control.


What are your thoughts?