This too shall pass!

All at once everything had changed. Life as we have known it stopped, shifted, and took on an eerie feel. We have been left with a great deal of questions, and a whole lot of unknowns. This is an uncomfortable feeling, especially in our human condition. We like to ‘know’ what to expect. Most of us find peace with interpreting the twists and turns.

However, that isn’t entirely possible right now. So what do we do? Do we settle into fear and uncertainty? Do we put all of our hopes and dreams on hold?
To that, I would answer NO.

The truth about reality is that there are always unknowns. Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. We just don’t usually face them collectively, as one global society. In this way, the territory feels new and the direction out of it seems so unclear to our current generations. Yet when we look beyond that, we can see some glimmers of hope.

The story of real humanness is one of perseverance and triumph. It is full of underdog examples where everyday human beings have found the courage and strength to overcome monumental challenges. It is one of togetherness and generosity.  All of this is very present as well in our current circumstances. All of this is very much alive and active in every moment that passes by.

In our humanness, it is important to remember that this too shall pass. Life will soon rally on again. The machines of society will get moving, even if the date and outcome is not yet fully known. It is helpful to our health and wellness to remain optimistic about what the future holds. It is beneficial to hopes and dreams to be empowered by our human abilities. Unfortunately life does not come with guarantees, but it does march on! So in that note, make those plans. Continue toward your goals and dreams. Even if you may have to adjust the timing due to these temporary unknowns, you don’t have to adjust the desires or planned realities.

Stay well everyone, take heart, for this too shall pass!

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