Mid-Year New Year!

Maybe it’s the mother in me, but I often find the end of August – beginning of September time frame to feel like a mini New Year.  For many it is the start of something new! Kids are advancing to higher grades, parents have a child who is one placement higher, and the vacationing winds down to an end as companies and businesses start to launch new phases of their services and industry.

For several years now, I have taken note of the feel of this time of year. As such, this has become a treasured time of reflection and adjustment for me. I like to take stock of the ‘not so long ago’ January New Year’s resolutions to see how far I have (or have not) come in reaching them. Then I look at what things I might want to change or adjust as time and life experience has a way of modifying our goals and ideas. Then finally, I make a Mid-Year New Year’s plan; one that gets me from August-December. Ironically, I have found that this mid-year stage of planning seems to launch me forward with more strength and gusto than the January merriment New Year’s hopes and dreams.

So, my Life Coach Jessica assignment for any of you willing to take it is to take some time to do your own reflection and adjustment of the last 6-8 months of this 2019 year. Some great questions to ask include…

What has worked well, and what hasn’t?

What has made you happy, and what has brought strain and stress into your life?

How far along have you moved on your January 2019 hopes and dreams?

Having learned what you have from 2019 thus far, what could you do differently to support your goals in more positive and efficient ways?

Next, create a revised and refined 2019 action plan!

Get excited and creative about this! This is your chance to stake out gold for the rest of the 2019 calendar year. This Mid-Year New Year is a great time to reenergize and reignite the push, passion, and desire for all those hopes and dreams that were abundant at the onset of 2019!

Feel free to leave comments, as I would love to hear how this assignment goes.

Happy Mid-Year New Year Everybody!!!

– Life Coach Jessica

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