In the Eye of the Beholder

The world is FULL of beauty and wonder. In fact, it is available every where we turn.

The perspectives we hold about life have a direct impact on the quality of our life. For instance, when we wake up every day with an eye on the beauty within this world – we become MUCH more likely to see and experience that beauty. This perspective opens a door to the natural wonder within this world. However, when we awake with apprehension or tension about the day ahead – we often end up seeing the possible pitfalls and trials that await our day. As we move down this pathway of the glass half empty viewpoint, we inevitably set ourselves up for struggle, conflict, and a domino effect of problems.

The good news is that we have the power and control of our personal perspectives. This means that we are ALWAYS able to look at things in different and more positive ways. It is through the power of our freewill of choice, thought, and action that we can put a stop to the snowball affect of negativity and problematic thinking. This has a transforming affect upon our daily life, which creates a new snowball affect to happier and healthier living.

What are your thoughts?