‘Armor Up’ your Teen with Life Skills!

Teens have a lot of pressure these days. Not only are they facing new demands from the school system and a steadily rising cost of living, they are also undergoing sweeping changes within their social world. As a teenager, their image and social standing is an important part to their emerging identity. They care deeply what others think of them, and often perceive their worth and value through the eyes of their peers. As this is a reality to the majority of teens, it becomes crucial that they build a strong foundation within themselves to filter these outside thoughts and experiences. This is where positive and life-lasting life skills comes in handy. For with the appropriate life skills, we are able to manage the difficult bumps and turns that happen within our everyday living.

Not only are teens going through physical and hormonal changes, but their brain is making some new developments too. The major role of every teenager is to shift from being a dependent little being, to a well-adjusted and productive independent young adult. They are aided in this by way of their own developmental process. Beginning during the teen years and continuing to their early 20’s, new parts of a teenagers brain start to develop. It is the prefrontal cortex, which is in charge of reasoning, foreseeing probable consequences, and impulse control. During the teen years, this part of the brain begins to kick into action and the neural pathways within this part of the brain start to fire up. It is for this reason that teaching teens and empowering them with positive, healthy, and life-lasting life skills is so important. The other reason this becomes such an important time for real-world, and adult level life skill thinking is because the life altering consequences to a teenagers negative and sometimes destructive behavior can impact them forever.

So, why not give your teen the life skills they need?

As a part of my practice, I work with teens and families on skill building and social-emotional development. I have an ‘Armor Up’ online workshop that is available to teens and parents which highlight 3 very important life skills. The first deals with teaching teens to block out the negative noises within their lives while bringing more intentional focus to the positive and healthy noises that surround them. This part of the workshop also touches on identifying healthy versus unhealthy relationships, as well as the need for building healthy boundaries with others.

The second life skill in this powerful workshop talks to teens about the reasons why their behavior counts. It is a lesson in recognizing where and how their words and actions may contribute to the outcome of their social situations. It allows teens to realize that the only factor they truly have control over within any life situation is them self.

Finally, the workshop ends with an important yet often overlooked life skill; the value of knowing their own worth. As body image is such an impacting factor for teen boys and girls alike, it is so important to have an open and honest conversation about the value and worth of them self. Within this section of the workshop, teens are reminded of the value they hold within this world. They learn the importance of taking care of them self and making their inner voice a priority in their noisy world.

This ‘Armor Up’ PowerPoint workshop is always available for sale. It is regularly priced at $25.00, but is currently on sale for $18.00. If you wish to learn more, purchase this workshop, or schedule an appointment with me, please call (386)507-9300. You can also email me at epcoachingservices@gmail.com

Please note: The sale on the ‘Armor Up’ workshop ends Nov. 15th!

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