Proper Skill Sets!

Do you have the right tools for the job?

There are times in life when we are confronted with experiences that we are not prepared for.  We may not always have the coping strategies or necessary skill sets to handle the intense emotions or high demands that these unexpected life experiences put upon us.  Please know, this is completely normal and absolutely okay.  Life can be challenging, and it requires a wide variety of different skill sets.  It is unreasonable for us to think that we should have all of the necessary life tools to handle every human experience at every given time within our life.  There will be times when we could use a little help!  So, my question to you is, “Are you using the right tools (or correct skill sets) for the job?” 

When we do not have the correct skill sets for the task at hand, two things are likely to happen.

  • The end result does not turn out as well as it could have.
  • We wasted A LOT of unnecessary energy by not using the right tools from the very beginning.

It is true that hardships and unnecessary problems often occur because we are using the wrong tools (or improper skill sets) for the current life situation.  Think of this as trying to get a screw into a piece of wood with a hammer.  You may be able to make that happen, but in the end it will look messy and have taken a great deal more energy than if you had used a screwdriver from the beginning.  The same scenario plays out when we are dealing with emotional, intellectual, or physical challenges.  All of these interpersonal areas require knowledge on how to move forward in uplifting and healthy ways.  By using the proper skill sets for the task at hand, positive and life-lasting change can take place.  

If you feel as though you may benefit from learning some new skill sets, consider contacting me today. 

What are your thoughts?